Welcome to Blue Bay Roof Repairs

Since 2006 we have been installing and repairing roofs all over the Central Coast.

With many businesses only wanting the bigger projects we have seen many building owners struggle to secure a tradesperson for a job that may take only a few hours.

We have now decided to focus more on roof repairs, so if you are needing a roof fixed at a good price with quality workmanship then contact Blue Bay Roof Repairs.

Our Services

If you have a leak, something is loose or something is just not right with your roof then you know who to call.

Metal Roof Repairs

Since 2006 we have been working above Central Coast homes keeping the weather out. Colorbond or tin roof repairs are our specialty. Call us today and we can come and have a look at your problem and give you a fair quote to repair.

Guttering and Downpipe Repairs

we can fix your drooping gutters or rusted out downpipes. If your roof is working correctly and the water can’t get away then you will have issues. Call us to get things flowing again.

Tiled Roof Repairs

We will repair all types of tiled roofs – Concrete- clay or glazed. If a tile is cracked or broken or if you need some repointing we can help.


24/7 Hour Emergency Roof Service

We are available to come out secure your roof and tarp up after any damage has been caused to your roof. Call us anytime for prompt service.

Latest News

Here you may find some tips or advice on roof care and maintenance plus you can see some examples of work we have completed.

Happy Clients


Contact us via email with your problem location and one of the team will be in touch.